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“Not only are the students developing skills for life, they are in an environment of compassion and concern. [The athlete mentor] is doing more than just teaching students goal setting techniques. He is, through caring relationships, assisting the students to internalize that they have worth and value: one of the most important truths in life.”

D. DelValle, Waite Middle School, Norwalk.

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GFL Mentor Speaks to Students

“We identified students who still attend school but who either are or want to be affiliated with criminal gangs, drugs and alcohol, and gross defiance of authority. We invited Goals for Life to help us reach about 30 of our more difficult cases. The students trust and listen to Reggie. Immediately after Reggie began working with us, the entire campus calmed down as these few students began to find a niche for themselves.”

P. Pringle, Principal, Hargitt School, Norwalk.

“In light of the commitment of [the athlete mentor], the quality of the curriculum, and the inspiration of the involved students, we have drastically reduced office referrals, students understand and are able to set and work for goals, and we have many students not considered ‘at-risk’ that are interested in participating in the program. Our community is deeply in need of positive male role models and the Goals for Life program provides the opportunity for our students to develop positive relationships with caring, intelligent, committed, and focused adults.” 

A. Scott, Principal, One Hundred Twenty Second Street School, Los Angeles.

GFL - Testimonials - Generic Photo
GFL - Testimonials - Generic Photo

“I wholeheartedly recommend Goals for Life as a valuable asset in any school setting, and especially in settings where students have not been exposed to planning to succeed.” 

D. Brandy, Principal, Hillcrest Drive School, Los Angeles.

“Hello, I’m a former student of Reggie Berry’s. His words “Do what has to be done, when it has to be done, do it is as well as it could be done, and do it that way all the time” has stuck with me my whole life. He taught me how to be a man. Just wanted to say thank you sir, you taught me how to be a man."

A.I. - Former GFL Student

“It's been almost 20 years since I was admitted to this program by the principal as I was continuously getting into trouble and consistently making poor decisions as a young teen. Ricky Ellis was our class mentor and every week he would reach out to us and give us the guidance we needed to try to make better decisions. The program really struck a chord when we went to the Norwalk California Youth Authority and gave me the reality check that I needed. As I just received my MBA from Pepperdine University this past weekend I started to reflect on certain turning points in life that triggered changes in my teenager/adulthood. This was no doubt one of those instances that gave me the guidance I needed to make the changes that were needed at that time. Currently I'm married to my lovely wife and I have been able to have a successful career at Boeing for 10 years as a Program Manager. I just wanted to say Thank You and please continue to provide the guidance that's needed as you are making a tremendous difference in these teenagers lives!

C.P. - Former GFL Student

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