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GFL Mentor - Marvin Cobb

Marvin Cobb

Marvin Cobb has been involved with the Goals For Life Foundation for over 10 years.

Cobb was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1975 NFL Draft. He played college football at USC. While at USC, Cobb played on 2 College World Series champion baseball teams and 2 National Champion football teams.

Cobb played 5 seasons for the Bengals, from 1975 to 1979. During those five years he played in 71 games, starting 54 and making 13 interceptions, playing as both a free safety and strong safety.

In 1986, Cobb became an assistant athletic director at USC. Cobb was outspoken about the fact that black athletes at USC were graduating at a lower rate than white students and he did not see anything being done to assist those students.

Marvin Cobb has also been active in raising awareness of the impact football injuries can have on players later in life. He has also been active in attempting to increase pension and medical benefits for former players. He became a director of the Independent Retired Players Summit. He is also president of the Retired NFL Players Congress.

GFL Mentor - Marvin Cobb
GFL Mentor - Marvin Cobb
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