GFL 10th Annual Waterfront Couchfront* Celebration!!!
Welcome to our Virtual Fundraiser!!!

Thanks for joining us for the best ever no party party!!!

We know you like a party. While we can't throw the best party of the year right now, the good news is you can still help youth in our local communities! Our goal is to raise $50,000 to provide our online and in-person programs this school year. Our virtual fundraiser has begun! You can now help change the life trajectory of a young person by donating now! A variety of sponsorship levels are available, but any donation amount is greatly appreciated!  Please donate below at any time!!!

MVP Sponsor ---------------- 
Touchdown Sponsor ---------- 
Coach Sponsor ---------------
Virtual Table Sponsor -------- 
Sponsor a Student ----------- 
Armchair Quarterback Ticket -
$ 5,000
$ 2,500
$ 1,500
$ 250
$ 125
Sponsorship Packages

  • 5:00-6:00 - You won't be taking fun photos and drinking wine.

  • 6:00-7:00 - You won't be mingling, meeting NFL players, and listening to live music. Cocktails and appetizers will not be served.

  • 7:00 - A great dinner from Gladstone's and La Strada won't be served.

  • 8:00 - You won't gaze at the spectacular sunset over the water or see community heroes being honored.

  • But YOU can still make a difference in these trying times. Support Goals For Life and help provide crucial services to at-risk youth!

Event Program
Donate Now

Donations of any size are appreciated and help us reach more kids in the local community.

Donations can also be made by check and mailed to the GFL office.

Let's Raise a Virtual Glass to
Goals For Life!!!
A tremendous thank you to all those who have already donated!!!
  • Geoffrey Garth

  • Dr. Mark Bell

  • Bart LeFevre

  • Jose Galvez Jr.

  • ChildNet Youth & Family Services

  • Ross Riddle

  • Derrick & Sarah Frost

  • Steve Murow

  • John & Jill Weiss

  • CPH Hospital Management

  • Dr. Henry Johnson

  • Ginger Shattuck

  • James Emslie

  • Tonia Reyes-Uranga

  • Vern Schooley

  • Kevin Brookman

  • Bobby Smith

  • Todd Horner

  • Manny Stellino

  • Stephen Fiechter

  • Chelsea Anne Corporation

  • Jenefer & Steven LeGassick

  • Harvey & Claire Ginns

  • Joan & James McCormack

  • Susan Graham

  • Austin & Katherine Linsley

  • Jim Weaver

  • Melvin Rogers

  • Darrell Dudley

  • Dr. Michael McGavic

  • Tim & Erika Markel

  • Lisa Malm

  • Syl Egan

  • Thomas Mueller

  • Michael Fletcher

  • Fred Gaschen

  • Lorna McFarland

  • Paula & Osie Wood

  • Don Knabe

  • Mark Halloran

  • Scott Perry

  • John Fylpaa

  • John Lopez

  • Melissa Hirota

  • Ernestine Piskackova

  • Gregory Washington

  • Stanley Lee

  • Ronald Maddox

  • Julie Boyd

You're all seriously amazing people!!!

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